Alpha 1.21

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  • 鱼类、坐骑、电路系统优化、骆驼、皮革等物品
  • fish, horseriding, electricity improvements, camels, leather + lots more



  • Added new hero model to match other animals
  • Added sharks in the ocean
  • Added yellow rays and brown rays, with dig-in behavior
  • Added piranhas
  • Added horses, 5 colors
  • Added camels
  • Added leather and saddle
  • Added horseriding mechanic and all associated elements
  • Added wire-through blocks (planks, stone and semiconductor)
  • Made LED size depended on distance
  • Added XOR gate
  • Added random generator
  • Increased lightbulbs size
  • Faster screen capture on Android
  • Fixed SR latch clock input behavior
  • Made signs trigger a message on electric signal
  • Changed physics engine from matrices to quaternions
  • More uniform input sensitivity across devices
  • Better error messages during game load
  • AI remembers the attacker and keeps running away
  • AI will walk through open doors and retracted spikes
  • AI will no longer drop from large heights
  • Multiple other AI behavior updates
  • Fixed stuck textbox when dismissed on Android
  • Fixed getting stuck on stairs bug
  • Fixed spawn egg disintegration
  • Fixed serious terrain generation bug (causing broken fences, disappearing coal blocks etc.)
  • Fixed bugs in terrain update code
  • Smooth lighting of models
  • Fixed framerate stalls during game loading
  • Speed optimizations
  • Smooth clouds fadeout with distance
  • Reduced jump height, made climbing blocks smoother
  • Copy Link button is correctly disabled
  • Added internet reachability checks
  • Increased amount of deserts
  • Increased amount of water
  • Made terrain flatter
  • Reduce jitter of models
  • Better four legged animals animations: walk, trot and canter
  • Animals cannot jump over fences or cacti
  • Added whistle
  • Added steed summon behavior
  • Added cattle drive behavior
  • Made noises scare animals
  • Added surprise animal
  • Tweaked some 3D models to look better
  • Made wolf howling less frequent and quieter
  • Fixed WP7 dropbox access bug
  • Made spawn eggs match color of the animal
  • Added raw fish and cooked fish food


Windows Phone Android iOS
1.21.5 1.21.0