Alpha 1.2

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  • 潜行模式、楼梯、半砖、门、梯子、雪、冰、圣诞树
  • sneaking, stairs, slabs, doors, ladders, snow, ice, christmas tree


  • “Sneak” mode which prevents you from falling off the ledges and makes movement more precise
  • Wooden stairs, stone stairs, sandstone stairs and stone brick stairs added
  • Wooden slab, stone slab, sandstone slab and stone brick slab
  • Wooden doors, iron doors and cell doors added
  • Ladders added
  • New type of window block added
  • Increased durability of iron tools
  • Added ability to disable/enable GUI being rendered to screenshots (in settings)
  • Made dropped items stay for longer before disappearing.
  • Leaves now decay if all the nearby wood has been chopped down
  • Added snow and ice
  • Added christmas tree
  • Maximum tap distance increased, should help with taps not registering properly for some people
  • Fixed a bug with buttons and dragging (reported by anteater80)
  • Improved sandstone looks to better match sand


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