Alpha 1.17

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  • 第三人称视角、工具武器立体化、生物阴影效果、物理效果优化
  • 3rd person view, 3d tools, creature shadows, physics optimizations



  • Fixed gravel harvesting generating both gravel block and stones
  • Fixed tools damage of indestructible blocks which was preventing stacking
  • Creature physics optimizations
  • Fixed one important terrain optimization which wasn’t working, causing longer terrain regeneration times
  • Fixed lightprobes of models
  • All tools and weapons use 3d models instead of flat bitmaps
  • Unpacking of worlds downloaded from Dropbox doesn’t stall progress bar
  • Fixed a bug with threadpool thread culture not being set to invariant for saving
  • Fixed lighting of models (ship going black periodically). Optimized model lightprobes.
  • Fixed creature spawn in static environments (preexisting creatures were not spawning)
  • Optimized model drawing
  • Added 3rd person camera
  • Added orbit camera
  • Improved player animations to look good in 3rd person view mode
  • Added creature shadows
  • Made random generator platform independent
  • Optimized drawing of inventory slots
  • Fixed slow walk speed when looking down
  • Switched to using 16bit depth buffer
  • Fixed paint being edible
  • Made signs text not use zoffset rasterizer state


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