Alpha 1.20

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  • 分享区、洞穴生成算法优化、创造模式选项、通过SD卡导入/导出
  • community content, better caves, creative options, SD card



  • Added Community Content Sharing via a central server
  • Can use SDCard for import/export (Android only)
  • Added Progress bars and cancel buttons during downloads/uploads
  • Added coal blocks that burn infinitely long
  • Added framerate limiter to conserve battery / stop overheating
  • Added downloading of Worlds/Block Textures directly from a web link
  • Fixed erroneous fluid flow trapping player under ice
  • Added photodiodes
  • Added ability to hide move/look pads
  • Added split touch controls & crosshair
  • Added getting a web link from Dropbox files
  • Made rain/snow less frequent
  • Made growing trees slightly easier
  • Fixed misplaced torches flame
  • Added setting to change flat terrain level
  • Added setting to fix the time of day in creative
  • Added setting to disable weather in creative
  • Trees density increased and has more variation across terrain
  • Rewoked cave generation, added massive and branching caves.
  • Fixed some tools damage issues
  • Black block highlight shows exact block bounds
  • Improved upside-down slab placement (tap on part of wall to place)
  • Added red and green LEDs
  • Better loading error handling


Windows Phone Android iOS
1.20.2 1.20.0 未发布