Alpha 1.19

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  • 电路系统、新界面、新合成表、新帮助、锗等新物品
  • electricity, new UI, new recipaedia, new help, germanium + lots more



  • Eliminated UI block during world upload
  • Fixed rain not affected by global volume
  • Added electricity system
  • Added electric wires
  • Added electric gates (and, or, not)
  • Added electric SR latch
  • Added electric delay gate
  • Added electric switch
  • Added electric button
  • Added electric pressure plates, can be placed on all sides
  • Added electric detonators
  • Added electric battery
  • Made doors react to electricity
  • Made trapdoors react to electricity
  • Added upside-down trapdoors
  • Upside-down trapdoors stop falling blocks
  • Made gunpowder kegs react to electricity
  • Made spiked planks react to electricity
  • Spiked planks can be placed on all sides
  • Added germanium ore and germanium mineral
  • Allowed export of worlds in the demo
  • New UI with sidebar and back button on every screen
  • New in-game UI with expandable stack of buttons
  • Made UI size configurable (smaller/normal/larger)
  • Entire screen can be used for looking
  • Disabled sleeping in Trial Mode
  • Made thermometer and hygrometer drop when support is removed
  • Made explosions set surroundings on fire
  • Lightning no longer damages world in creative mode
  • Fixed sign rendering on certain Android phones
  • Added new Recipaedia
  • Added descriptions of all blocks to the new Recipaedia
  • Added blocks ordering in creative mode inventory
  • Added a new help system
  • Made saving system more robust and less likely to lose worlds
  • Added automatic world repair on load
  • Added option to fixed aspect ratio on Windows Phone 8 (1280×720, HTC 8X)
  • Made Christmas Tree electrically controller


Windows Phone Android iOS
1.19.0 1.19.2 未发布