Alpha 1.1

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  • 截图功能、火把、灯笼、工具、操控敏感度设置、合成表
  • screenshots, torches, lamps, tools, controls sensitivity, recipaedia


  1. 添加“相机”按钮,支持截图并保存到手机相册
  2. 改进光照系统,最大亮度可照亮15个方块(1.0中为8个方块)
  3. 添加火把亮度=13
  4. 添加藤编灯亮度=15
  5. 添加工具耐久度,不停地使用会使工具报废
  6. 参考Minecraft,添加了铲子(用于挖掘软质方块)、镐(挖掘坚硬的物质)和斧(砍树及木制品)
  7. 添加木镐木斧
  8. 添加石铲石斧
  9. 添加铁铲铁镐铁斧
  10. 添加有框玻璃,适合作为窗户使用
  11. 生命值会慢慢回复(仅作临时性功能直到开发出更合理的机制)
  12. 试玩版的试玩时间增加至15分钟
  13. 操作灵敏度可设置,适当调整可提升操作舒适度
  14. 挖掘方块耗时可设置
  15. 夜晚的亮度可设置(为了照顾屏幕太暗的玩家)
  16. 添加自杀功能,以便卡住的玩家脱身
  17. 添加铁立方铜立方
  18. 沙砾有时在沙滩生成
  19. 添加自动跳跃功能
  20. 添加合成表,内容包括所有合成公式
  21. 添加“已生存的时间”显示,该时间自上一次复活后开始计算
  1. Take a photo to your phone’s media library using the new camera button.
  2. Improved lighting model with maximum light propagation of 15 blocks (versus 8 in Alpha 1.0).
  3. Torch with light range of 13.
  4. Wicker lamp with light range of 15.
  5. Tools damage added. Tools will wear out with use and eventually break.
  6. New tools modelled on Minecraft by popular request: shovels are for digging soft material, pickaxes are for quarrying hard substances, and axes are for chopping and hacking through organic stuff.
  7. Wooden pickaxe and wooden axe added
  8. Stone shovel, stone pickaxe added
  9. Iron shovel, iron pickaxe and iron axe added
  10. Framed glass block added for better windows
  11. Lost health slowly recovers over time (a temporary measure until a proper system is added)
  12. Trial period extended to 15 minutes
  13. Controls sensitivity can now be changed in settings. Slight tweaks to control to improve usability.
  14. Tap time can now be changed in settings
  15. Brightness at night can now be increased in settings to support phones which have poor dark shades reproduction
  16. “Despair button” to get stuck players out of their misery
  17. Solid iron & copper blocks added
  18. Gravel will now spawn at beaches sometimes
  19. Autojump function added
  20. Recipaedia added, containing all recipes available in game
  21. Display of time since last death added


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